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Custom Window Well Covers

Why Cover My Window Well?
Along with added security features, our window well covers are ideal for protection against small children, pets, work areas, and unlikely intruders.

With optional Lexan protection, our customized window wells reduce accumulation of unwanted debris such as trash, leaves, twigs, rain and snow. See our Photo Gallery.

How "Custom" Can I Get?
All D & B Precision Products custom window well covers are cut by laser, to ensure the highest quality and best fit. The standard thickness is 14 Gauge Cold Roll Steel; which is very durable and has been tested up to 400 pounds.

Any thickness we offer can have any desired design, for example, animals, nature scapes or even the customer’s last name. Your choice of geometric designs and patterns come standard with our window wells. Click here to see the optional shapes/designs that you can choose from (62 kB pdf).

Finally, to add to your personal style and customization, we offer an array of powder-coated paint colors and textures - included in the price - to match almost any home exterior! Click here to see our Powder Coatings brochure (254 kB pdf).

How Are They So Strong?
Aside from the durable, solid, one-piece sheet of 14 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel, we secure support beams, known as “U” brackets, along the length of the cover to add additional strength. Besides providing added strength, these securely fastened support beams, also seal the (optional) Lexan plastic underneath. With no welding required, this support system allows for easy cleaning, high-quality, assurance of strength, and great safety.

How Are The Expenses Calculated?

  • First, we determine the quantity of window well covers needed. The greater the quantity, the less the cost will be PER cover.
  • Second, depending on the pattern chosen, the cost may be additional. Custom patterns are additional while geometric patterns, such as squares, diamonds, rounds, triangles etc are included in the cost.
  • Any color of paint is included in the cost at no additional expense.
  • Lexan is an optional addition; and would therefore increase the cost.